Event Organizers

Rather than fielding complaints from unhappy athletes about how much you are over-charging them for pictures, turn those gripes into cheers by providing free photos from Gameface.

Most photography outlets charge up to $20 for a single digital image. Gameface provides an average of 10 free photos per athlete at each event, allowing event organizers to deliver $200+ in value to each athlete. Each photo carries the event logo, and when those photos are downloaded, e-mailed, and shared socially, the race logo goes with it.

Athletes benefiting from free event photos aren’t bashful about spreading their enthusiasm for this innovative value-added service, either. They are sharing their gratitude and joy by broadcasting their delight over social media to their friends, family and colleagues. The photos they share drum up buzz for your event and turn your athletes into ambassadors.

Are you ready to join the innovators who are changing the world of sports photography?


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