2016 Survey Results

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“Another of the nation’s high profile road races has announced it will provide free photographs to runners in what an industry insider says could be the beginning of the end of fees for race photos.”Runner’s World , 2015   By now, many of you know that that the phenomenon of free races photos is sweeping […]

Put Some Real Swagger In Your Swag Bag

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Use Free Photos to Earn Participant’s Loyalty and Praise An event can be broken into three major components: 1) participants are attracted to the event because they hear good things, 2) they are participating because they are active and engaged, and 3) they are leaving with a swag bag and a sense of accomplishment and […]

Authenticity in events is the gateway to dream customers

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Boomer’s Healthy Lifestyle Demographic Endurance events ranging from the traditional, like marathons and 5k’s, to the trending, like Crossfit, attract a particularly coveted demographic: Baby Boomers focused on a healthy lifestyle. This pairing of people and events combines for a prime opportunity for brands to engender loyal customers. First, these consumers are financially comfortable, educated, […]