Find My Photos

Looking for your photos from a recent event?  We are here to help!

Commonly Asked Questions

    1. When will my photos be available? On average, event photos are available five business days after the event.
    2. What if I don’t have a Facebook account? If you are neither on Facebook nor care to establish an account, no worries.  Use the search box below to find your event for a link to find your photo.
    3. My bib number was obscured/fell off/was on my back/etc.  How will I find photos?   We’ve created search fields and drop down menus so you can search based on course location and the time the photo was taken.

Use the search below to find your event by typing in its name (i.e. “The San Francisco Marathon”).

If you’ve tried to find your photos using your bib number, name, additional search fields, and it couldn’t be found, fear not, we will assist you in your quest!

Please follow the link below to open a support ticket and someone will get back to you shortly. 

Contact Gameface support.

Many of you want to print out your photos at your local photo processing retailer.  Some retailers require you have permission granted to you before they will agree to print your pictures because they contain copyrighted images (logos).   You can print or or email the following waiver to them:

“All downloaded images are provided for only personal use, with a reproduction grant which allows the buyer to reproduce/reprint the image as they wish.The digital image(s) may not be used for commercial reasons, including, but not limited to, magazine publications, newspaper stories, advertisements, or any such use in which the original buyer of the digital image receives any type of compensation for the digital image’s use.”