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Gameface Media now hosts more than 50 million vintage photos from the last fifty years, and we're adding millions more each month. Currently only select schools are available, however feel free to request photos from other schools and we'll see what we can do.


Albany College
(17,885 photos)

Amherst College
(32,690 photos)

Boston College
(36,890 photos)

Boston University
(26,320 photos)

Brown University
(25,559 photos)

Colby College
(12,985 photos)

Colgate College
(25,480 photos)

College of the Holy Cross
(28,700 photos)

Columbia University
(12,970 photos)

Cornell University
(32,430 photos)

Curry College
(7,385 photos)

Dartmouth College
(41,440 photos)

Hartwick College
(17,780 photos)

Harvard University
(37,485 photos)

Hobart College
(8,548 photos)

Hofstra University
(8,225 photos)

Middlebury College
(18,515 photos)

Penn State University
(7,420 photos)

Princeton University
(35,175 photos)

Providence College
(21,665 photos)

Quinnipiac College
(11,550 photos)

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
(24,850 photos)

Rutgers University
(19,635 photos)

Siena College
(9,135 photos)

Springfield College
(30,170 photos)

Syracuse University
(12,950 photos)

Trinity College
(33,565 photos)

Tufts University
(17,439 photos)

Union College
(18,060 photos)

University of Connecticut
(59,850 photos)

University of Hawai'i
(33,565 photos)

University of Massachusetts
(46,275 photos)

University of Maine
(18,515 photos)

University of New Hampshire
(29,750 photos)

University of Notre Dame
(4,515 photos)

University of Pennsylvania
(6,745 photos)

University of Rhode Island
(25,550 photos)

US Air Force Academy
(10,605 photos)

US Coast Guard Academy
(18,060 photos)

US Military Academy
(39,725 photos)

US Naval Academy
(19,600 photos)

Wagner College
(7,105 photos)

Wesleyan College
(28,280 photos)

Western CT State University
(6,090 photos)

Westfield State
(10,325 photos)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
(5,985 photos)

Yale University
(47,320 photos)






























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