Our Story

We share a passion for athletics, photography and technology. So when Gameface was conceived in late 2012, it brought together all three interests in a single opportunity. As amateur athletes, we both had experienced the frustration of sports photography which was lacking in accessibility, quality and value.

Our vision is to take professional sports photography of amateur athletes – then all professional photography – to a new level with high quality engaging photos which capture the memorable moments of our lives, make them available as soon as possible, easy to find, save and share from any device – for FREE.  We believe in order to achieve our vision, we need to become associated with the best professional photogs in the world, leverage technology to create a powerful, scaleable, intuitive platform and partner with brand sponsors and event directors to change the fundamental business model to, well, free!  We back all this up with a passion for caring customer support.  Heck, if we’re going to go to all this effort to capture your special moments, we better be prepared to consistently deliver on our promise.

So we proudly bring you Gameface Media.  We truly hope you will enjoy the fruits of our team’s labor as much as we revel in the quest of capturing amateur athletes, all over the world, in every sport, young and old – accomplishing their dreams and goals – and creating a memory that will be cherished and shared for years to come.

Welcome to Gameface.

— Dave Lavallee and Bob Crowley, Founders