Gone are the days of participants having to pay up to $80 for their digital images. Gameface is revolutionizing the business of sports photography by introducing a new business model whereby professional photographs are made available to the amateur subjects for free.

Are you interested in joining the industry leader in free participant photos? Gameface is adding more events every day, and we are always looking for high-quality photographers to network with and shoot for us.

What does it mean to be a Gameface photographer? It means consistent, hourly pay; you’ll never be paid only a commission based upon what gets sold. It means working with other professional level, full-time shooters who have had their work featured in magazines, newspapers, and national print ads. It means having your work seen and be enjoyed by millions of people across the entire world. It means being part of a photography team that encourages creativity and hard work, and rewards those attributes.

What does it take to shoot with Gameface?

  • 4 years of professional shooting experience
  • Professional level camera equipment (no consumer-level DSLR’s please)
  • A 70-200mm f/2.8 lens along with other lenses
  • Past experience with race photography or other types of sports photography
  • A great attitude
  • A passion for creating dynamic and exciting photos

We have strict quality standards, but that’s what makes us one of the highly regarded professional sports outfits in the world.

If the opportunity to join our professional crew and don the Gameface logo is of interest to you, you can apply to join our network of 2000 global Gameface photographers by clicking the link below.
We are interested in your old sports photographs!