Rugged Maniac Sacramento

Because it’s so hard to read a bib after you’ve crawled through the mud, we now use facial recognition to locate your photos. Just upload a selfie and we’ll find all your pictures in a flash. You can still search using the zone dropdown and time filter if you think your face may have been hard to see in some shots.

Pro tips to improve your facial recognition search:

  • Try using selfies from slightly different angles.
  • If you wore sunglasses, a headband, or a hat on race day, you may see better results if you also wear that in your selfie.
  • Once you have located a photo from the galleries, try using a screen grab of your face from that photo. This will reflect your exact appearance on that day. Although it generally won’t be as good as a selfie, it sometimes picks up photos that the selfie missed

Questions? Just hit us at